Lifetime Retainer Program

Lifetime Retainer Program

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Congrats on your new smile!!! But if you don't want to be back in braces again, you MUST wear your retainers...and yes, it's a lifetime commitment.  The problem is that retainers are kind of like tires on a car - they'll last you for a while, but you will likely need to replace them at some point to ensure your teeth stay straight.
Although it does cost money to replace retainers, it's far less expensive than doing braces again, which would almost certainly be the outcome if you choose to bypass retainers altogether.
But we do have some good news for you, to save on cost of future replacement retainers, we have developed a "Lifetime Retainer Program" available exclusively for our existing patients at Collins Orthodontics. 

This is what the program includes:

2 sets of replacement clear retainers (4 retainers total)
Unlimited replacement clear retainers for Phase I treatment
1 new replacement bonded (metal) retainer 
Unlimited re-bonding of bonded (metal) retainer 
Free removal of bonded (metal) retainer if desired
Discounted rates on custom mouthguards

And after you've used up your free replacement retainers, you will be extended discounted rates on additional replacement retainers for life. Be sure to sign up in order to keep your teeth straight for a lifetime!